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Patient Grievance Policy

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PURPOSE:   To inform all patients of their rights while they are patients at the Surgery Center.


Spivey Station Surgery Center provides for and welcomes the expression of grievances/complaints and suggestions by the patient and patient’s family at all times. This feedback allows the center to understand and improve the patient’s care and environment.

Every patient has the right to file a grievance with any staff member or the facility’s Administrator. In the absence of the Administrator, the Clinical Manager will address the grievance/complaint.

The main goal of the surgery center is to provide excellent care to every patient. Every patient is encouraged to ask questions.


  1. It is the sole responsibility of the patient’s physician to provide informed consent to the procedure(s) being performed on the patient. The staff of the Surgery Center will witness signature only.
  2. All patients will be admitted to the Surgery Center by the business office staff. The business office staff will inform the patient of the following:
    • Financial responsibility
    • Patient rights
    • Billing process
    • Refund process
    • Verify the patients:
      1. name/age
      2. address
      3. phone number
      4. employer
      5. scheduled procedure(s)
      6. insurance benefits
  1. The nursing staff will prepare the patient for surgery and discharge by:
    1. Obtaining a nursing history and physical
    2. Taking and recording of vital signs
    3. Verifying pre-op teaching
    4. Doing post-op teaching
    5. Reviewing informed consent with patient to verify signature only
    6. Reviewing and verifying lab work
    7. Review all actions with patients before performing any procedure
    8. Confirming correct surgical site
    9. Assessing pain level throughout stay in center
    10. Communicating to the patient and patient’s family
  1. All business office staff will be in street clothes. All professional staff will be in scrub suits. The Administrator will be in street clothes or scrubs. The Administrator is to identify herself/himself to the patient any time he/she has contact with the patient.
  2. All medical records are kept confidential. There is a process that allows every patient access to his/her medical record. A patient may access his/her medical record by obtaining a release form from any staff member at the Surgery Center.
  3. The physician is responsible for notifying his/her patient if the procedure involves research, experimental, or educational projects.
  4. Every patient has the right to file a grievance with the Surgery Center’s patient representative or any staff member without fear of retribution. The patient representative at the Surgery Center is the Administrator. In the absence of the Administrator, the Clinical Coordinator becomes the patient representative.
  5. The grievance process begins with the Administrator. If the patient is still not satisfied the process is given to the Medical Director. In the event the problem is not solved at this level, the patient has the right to file a written complaint with the Executive Director,  and the  Department of Health.
  6. The Surgery Center will respond in accordance with CMS and State Guidelines within 48 hours of a complaint.
  7. The main goal of the Surgery Center is to provide excellent care to every patient. Every patient is encouraged to ask questions and to complete a patient satisfaction survey.
  8. Contact information for filing a grievance is: Vangie Dennis, Administrator




Perioperative Clinician


Spivey Station Surgery Center Administrator:  Vangie Dennis RN, BSN, CNOR, CMLSO
Medical Director Spivey Station Surgery Center:  Stephen Cohen MD
Senior Vice President of Strategic Development and Planning: Jim Crissey
Board Approval