The Surgery Center was established as a multi-specialty surgical center in 1997 as part of the Georgia Baptist Healthcare System. This system was the original General Partner, owning 60% of the Partnership’s units.   The other units were owned by participating investing physicians.     In January of 2000, Southern Regional Medical System (“SRMS”) acquired the Center and resyndicated the ownership with SRMS as the General Partner, owning 40%, and participating physicians owning (or having the opportunity to own) 60%.  Spivey Station Surgery Center as of January 2013  was purchased by Southern Regional Medical Center.

The Center originally operated under the d.b.a. “The Surgery Center at Mt. Zion,” and was located in a 10,000 square foot building on Corporate Center Drive in Morrow, Georgia.   In 2009, as part of development of a new outpatient complex by SRMS, the Center was relocated some 10 miles to that new complex, Spivey Station, situated on Lake Spivey Parkway in Jonesboro, Georgia, and given a new d.b.a., the Spivey Station Surgery Center.